Warfords Making Music

Coming from an Air Force Family we only made it home to our grandparents a couple of times a year. When we did there were certain traditions. We had to do certain things, eat certain things and so on. Usually toward the end of our visit Papaw would want to play music. Usually he would say let’s “make some music.”  I remember a few times when there was a whole group Warford playing but most of the time it was just my Dad and Papaw.  I loved it when my family made music. The Warfords have always been a musical family. Unfortunately these days fewer and fewer of us Warfords make time to make music.  This video is a combination of an audio recording made with a cassette recorder and silent super eight movie film. While the two are not synced together they certainly capture the feel of the Warfords making music. The three kids in the video are me, my little brother, David and little Sister, Karen.

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