Olga Baker Armand Griffith, Captain of the Southwestern Bell “Lady Bells”

In this photo Olga Baker, Armand, Griffith, is holding the trophy for winning the Houston Women’s City Softball League Championship. Olga Griffith was my maternal grandmother. Of course I didn’t know her when she was a young woman winning softball championships. I am told she was also very athletic and a strong leader. She was also a great dancer. I think we all wish we had been able to know our parents and grandparents when they were young. It was only after my grandmother had passed that I came across this picture and it is now one of my favorites. When I found this picture my youngest daughter, Kristina was a senior in high school. Kristina was a pitcher and star player on her school’s softball team. My oldest, Melissa, had likewise played and been a leader and star a few years before. In flipping through old photos the past few weeks I kept coming back to this one. It does not lend itself to any particular spiritual lesson or words of wisdom but it just makes me smile. I was not sure at first why I liked this picture so much but then it occurred to me that while I will never see my grandmother play softball maybe I did see a reflection of her years later when my two daughters took the field. I certainly see a reflection of her in both of them in so many ways other than playing softball. She was smart, independent and very strong as are her great-granddaughters. None of us like all the same things our parents and grandparents do but it amazes me how often our personalities reflect our ancestors. I think I may have to share a few more of these reflections in the coming weeks.

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